Kinds of oral health problems

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Kinds of oral health problems

A person’s mouth as well as their teeth is something that they use a lot. Therefore, it is very obvious that there could be problems and issues with the passage of time, most importantly if proper and good care of the teeth as well as the mouth is not taken. There are, however, many oral issues that can be eliminated because of good oral health.

There are some kinds of oral health problems that you are likely to come across at the minimum one dental issue in your entire life. So, if you don’t know the kinds of oral health problems that could happen to you too, then of course reading this article is a must. If you suffer from any of these, visit an Abu Dhabi dental clinic.

Gingivitis: Gingivitis, we can call it in easy words as gum illness. It is the gums’ inflammation. This is generally due to the formation of plaque on your teeth. This plaque is because of the bad brushing or bad flossing practices you have. Due to gingivitis, there can be swelling in your gums or your gums could even bleed when brushing or threading is done. If the gingivitis is not treated, then a more severe infection can be caused and that is known as periodontitis.

Crushed teeth: A crushed teeth can be because of the person getting in to an injury or accident. Crushed teeth can also be due to biting foods that are hard or it could also be if a person grinds their teeth at the time of night. If a person has a crushed teeth, it can be extremely painful. Therefore, if you have a crushed teeth, then you should go to your dentist as soon as you can. This can be fixed with dental veneers Abu Dhabi.

Periodontitis: As periodontitis increases, the infections or the germs goes to first a person’s jaw and then they go to a person’s bones. This problem can even lead to inflammation all over a person’ body.

Cavities: Cavities are most commonly known as decay of tooth, however, you can even call it as caries. These are the places of a person’s tooth which are eternally destroyed or you could say that there are pits in them. Cavities are very much usual. Cavities happens when the germs, food you eat or the acid makes a coating on your teeth and due to which a plaque is built up. The acid that is present on a person’s teeth begins to corrode near the enamel and later the root dentin or the tissues that are connective. With the passage of time, this can cause a lasting damage.