Coffee and Vending Machines

Coffee and Vending Machines

Coffee machines are also known as coffee makers are cooking machines and appliances used to brew coffee. For many years of history making a cup of coffee was a simple process. The grounded beans of coffee were roasted and placed in a pot or a pan which was filled with hot water. After that, the lid was attached to the top of that pot or pan. These pots were specifically designed for brewing coffee and had various designs. The typical designs were based on a flat based pot.

Then there came a time when the pots for brewing coffee started to get advanced. It started in France, so we can say that French people invented coffee makers. The inventors of France were innovative enough to manage and invent new methods and machines for brewing coffee.

Types of Coffee Machines:

A coffee maker can come in various types. These different types of coffee brewers vary in the facilities they provide. Now I will discuss some of the types of coffeemakers:

•    Vacuum Brewers:

A vacuum brewer is such a kind of coffee maker in which the coffee is drawn back by pressure differential. It was invented in the late 1800s and was popular until the mid of 1900s.

•    Percolators:

After the vacuum brewers popularity faded, the percolators developed in mid of the 1900s. They worked on electricity unlike the vacuum brewers and were more efficient.

•    Moka Pot:

As the name suggests it comprises a pot which was filled with water and placed on the stove and worked by passing hot water pressurized by steam through coffee ground.

Coffee machine in Dubai is very popular and advanced. People even have them in their homes.

Vending Machine:

A vending machine is a small machine that looks like a fridge except it dispenses small articles. This includes things like drinks, food and even cigarettes when a coin or token is inserted by an individual. It is an automatic machine that provides items like snacks and beverages after the consumer insert some money or credit card inside the machine. They are very popular in many developed countries like Dubai.

There are common vending machines and the specialized vending machine. The difference between the two is following: In a specialized vending machine, there may be a touch screen and the user can even use credit cards and debit cards for purchasing items, which is why it is also called Automated Retail. This facility is not available in common vending machines.