What are Frac Tanks?

What are Frac Tanks

A frac tank is a very large type of steel tank that is used to store and even move commodities, they are also used as oil storage terminals, water, saline, manure, petrol, chemical products etc. They are used for many more reasons and there are different types of frac tanks as well. These tanks come in two kinds of variations:

  • 8400 gallons.
  • 21000 gallons.

According to the best frac tank manufacturers, these tanks can be moved by using a truck or a tractor. These tanks come in two types of designs:

  • Round bottom shape.
  • V bottom shape.

Different projects require different types of tanks. For example, if the tank has a chemical that cannot be exposed to the open air, then V bottom shaped frac tank is used, on the bottom it may have a pump from where another end of the pump connects and the chemical is placed in another tanker or storage. So, there is no need to tilt or move the tank to empty it and it can be cleaned easily. There are different types of frac tanks.

  1. Mix Tanks: there are some kinds of liquids that need constant mixing and these are the tanks that can store 7070 gallons to 18270 gallons to liquid in a single go and these tanks continuously mix the liquid even when they are on the road. The operators control the speed of the mixing and it comes with different types of features and an audible alarm system in case of any disastrous issue.
  2. Closed Top: these are the tanks that come with different types of interiors including; insulation, smoothen walls, epoxy coated walls, heating coils and bare steel walls. These are the tanks that also come in round bottom dual manifold shape.
  3. Open Top: these are the types of tanks that need monitoring of the liquid levels stored in the tanks and it is easy to clean as well. But this is the only type of tank that cannot store any kind of dangerous and hazardous chemicals or components. This tank can carry 7932 gallons to 21000 gallons of liquid.
  4. Double Wall Tanks: these are the types of tanks that have two compartments in a single tank where you can keep hazardous and harmless liquids at the same time.