Pros & cons of buying a used photocopy and printer

Pros & cons of buying a used photocopy and printer

Every business tries to find ways to reduce its office expenses. One of the reliable ways to manage your office expenses is buying used photocopier or printer machine. When you are looking to purchase new equipment for the office, you have to spend a lot of dollars. However, used copier machines are the best option for small business owners. Here are the top pros and cons of buying second-hand machines.

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Pros of second-hand copier machine


One of the great benefits of buying a used photocopier or printer is they are cheaper than the latest technology. However, these machines are capable to meet your business needs. Therefore, the demand for second-hand copier machines is always high in the market. Small business owners can save lots of money on buying used machinery. But before making a final decision, check everything carefully.

Environmental friendly:

Whenever you buy a used copier machine, you reduce the number of new products. Buying new products affects the environment as it increases carbon dioxide in the air, which ultimately causes many diseases. So it is a better option to participate in the betterment of the environment.

You have guarantees:

Another good reason for purchasing a second copier machine is that you get guarantees. Various manufacturers offer reliable guarantees on used printers or photocopiers. So you can rest assure that these machines will work efficiently for longer.

Cons of buying used photocopy machine

While there are numerous advantages of using second-hand machines but there are some risks involved in it. Let’s know about the disadvantages of second-hand copier or printer machines.

Copier burns out:

Over time, photocopier machines wear out, which affects the result of copies. Some experts say that avoid using photocopier machines after five to six years, as they start to create copy issues. However, some photocopier models are reliable for ten to eleven years, but it happens rarely.

Hard to find spare parts:

Another drawback of buying a used photocopier machine is it is hard to find their spare parts. Most copier brands upgrade their photocopiers every two to three years. So they avoid keeping spare parts of older copiers. That’s why finding spare parts of a used copier are difficult.

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